Varicose Veins commonly present themselves as lumpy / bulging veins found on the surface of the legs, although they can be present in other areas such as around the ankle and foot.  Varicose veins may also be dark purple or blue in colour. If you have varicose veins you may experience an itchy sensation around the site of the veins, pain after sitting or standing for extended periods of time, consistent aching feeling in the leg and burning, swelling or muscle cramping in the lower legs.

At The Private Clinic we have performed over 7,000 vein procedures and offer the Gold Standard for treatment of Varicose Veins; EVLA. To find out more or book a consultation with our specialist vascular surgeons click here.

The role of veins is to carry blood towards the heart. In order to do this the blood has to flow upwards against gravity, so it is helped along by a series of muscle contractions and one-way valves. If the valves become weak or break, they do not close properly and the blood flows back to the legs where, over a period of time, the veins will start to bulge. These damaged veins serve no purpose meaning it is perfectly safe to remove them.

Around one in five people will develop varicose veins as they get older, and women are affected more than men. Risk factors include age, gender and being overweight, but genetics are the biggest cause.

Although most people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, varicose veins can also cause aching, itchiness, a feeling of heaviness in the leg, and night cramps. Varicose veins do not tend to get better and can actually worsen with time if not treated.

At The Private Clinic we recommend you talk to one of our highly experienced vascular surgeons who can put your mind at ease and discuss the options available to you. We offer a range of treatments and payment plans to help you. Click here to contact us and find out more about our varicose vein treatments.

Varicose veins most commonly appear on the legs and thighs but they can also show up in the scrotum, pelvis and vulva.

At The Private Clinic we are able to offer specalised vein treatments which includes Pelvic Vein Embolisation (PVE) for Pelvic Congestion and Varicose vein removal in the Scrotum.

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Varicose veins are not only an unsightly nuisance but they are also potential health hazards putting you at risk of blood clots, ulcers, swelling, hyperpigmentation and venous disease.

Patients suffering with varicose veins report symptoms such as pain and discomfort in the legs, itchiness, fatigue and swelling of the skin. These symptoms can get worse with untreated varicose veins and if you are not currently experiencing symptoms then these are likely to develop over time.

If you are concerned about your varicose veins then click here to book a consultation with our experienced vascular surgeons who will be able to advise on the best course of treatment for you.

We perform varicose vein treatment all year round at The Private Clinic. We find that some patients choose to treat their varicose veins during the Autumn or Winter months as it leaves them with plenty of time to recover before the summer. However we have many treatment options to suit your lifestyle, the best option is to come and talk to one of our experienced vascular surgeons who will put your mind at ease.

Contact us today to schedule in your consultation with one of experienced vascular surgeons who will be able to talk you through the recovery time required post treatment.

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to avoid varicose veins. They are often a genetic issue so if members of your family have them then it is likely that you will too.

Exercise is always a great way to not only control your weight but it keeps your leg muscles active and fit. If you are prone to varicose veins then try low-impact activities like cycling and swimming.

We also recommend wearing flat shoes over high heels as this will allow for your calf muscles to contract fully. If you find that your legs are aching then try wearing compression stockings as much as possible as these can help prevent the blood from pooling.

Our experienced vascular surgeons have carried out over 7,000 treatments and are available to offer their advice on all things to do with varicose veins. To book a consultation with one of our surgeons click here.

There is no age limit for Varicose Vein treatment, we will treat anyone who is over the age of 18 and is healthy.

We have patients from a mix of ages and all have found the treatment to be almost life changing and many wonder why they waited so long. As long as you are able to wear the compression stocking as advised by your surgeon and walk daily as directed then you will be a suitable candidate for varicose vein treatment at The Private Clinic. The best option is to come and talk with our specialist vascular surgeons who will advise you on the best options to treat your varicose veins click here to book a consultation.

Doppler scan and venogram are performed in CAT lab and the veins to be treated are marked with a pen. leg is cleaned and covered with drapes.

A small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin over the vein and a needle is inserted into it. A wire is passed through the needle . The needle is removed and a catheter (thin plastic tubing) is passed over the wire and the wire is removed under CAT or doppler guidance.

A laser fibre is passed upto the highest point as decided.Local anaesthetic solution is then injected around the vein through multiple tiny needle pricks. The laser is then fired up and pulled down . The laser and catheter are removed and the needle puncture covered with a small dressing. The treatment takes about 45-60 minutes per leg.If you’re having both legs treated the process is repeated on the other leg.

A compression stocking is then put on.

Patient can leave the hospital within hours.
• Return to normal activity very next day.
• Follow up for Ulcer care
• Follow up Periodically